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274 is a maturing adult male and is believed to be the offspring of 438 Flo.Unlike most brown bear cubs, he and a sibling remained with their mother through four summers (most mother bears in Katmai keep their cubs for two to three summers).This is the only example of a brown bear family in Katmai remaining together for four summers.I never had the opportunity to watch 274 in person in the fall as he is an infrequent visitor, which is perhaps the reason I was mistaken originally.Bears have distinctive features that allow us to identify them across seasons and years.Yet, they can be notoriously difficult to recognize from early summer to fall.274’s wide-set blond ears and shoulder patch should remain distinctive identifying features during future autumns.

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We watched Chunk interact with many bears, occasionally with some that I (and many bearcam watchers) didn’t recognize.

In mid July, for example, we saw Chunk displace another large adult male.