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it is not fully understood and as soon as a rule is applied, it is sure to be over-ruled with an exception.To help us understand this topic, I will try to summarize here, as simply as possible what i have observed on my own reels over 40 years, discussed with knowledgable collectors and read in books produced by the top writers of collecting ABU reels.The two writers I would recommend to you are Daniel Skupien (1) and Simon Shimomura (2)and I would whole-heartedly commend you buy their beautiful, most informative books.I have all 3 in my armoury of useful reading material about ABU.Briefly I have noticed many changes in the numbering systems from my earliest Records, where often no numbers were engraved at all, through to the current reels.Of most interest to me is the period from the 50's to the 80's.

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So then, both the Record Ambassadeur 50 (wide spool version) released just a year or so later, had numberless smooth reel seats.When ABU did start numbering, it was a serialized form.the first to appear was the famous ABU Ambassadeur 5000 which has a number like 118158 which simply meant it was the 118thousand and 158th reel in the series.Numbers would soon run out, due to world wide popularity.

Around this era , two other Ambassadeur 5000 reels , namely the B (still red, but with Clicker) and C (black with ball bearings rather than bushes) models were serialized also but were considered different to the standard red Ambassadeur 5000.

This initial numbering process ended in 19 saw the start of a new regime, for all reels except for the Ambassadeur 5000 A B and C models, which continued to employ the previous method of serializing until 1971.

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