101 rules dating book

it is not fully understood and as soon as a rule is applied, it is sure to be over-ruled with an exception.To help us understand this topic, I will try to summarize here, as simply as possible what i have observed on my own reels over 40 years, discussed with knowledgable collectors and read in books produced by the top writers of collecting ABU reels.The two writers I would recommend to you are Daniel Skupien (1) and Simon Shimomura (2)and I would whole-heartedly commend you buy their beautiful, most informative books.I have all 3 in my armoury of useful reading material about ABU.

So then, both the Record Ambassadeur 50 (wide spool version) released just a year or so later, had numberless smooth reel seats.When ABU did start numbering, it was a serialized form.the first to appear was the famous ABU Ambassadeur 5000 which has a number like 118158 which simply meant it was the 118thousand and 158th reel in the series.Numbers would soon run out, due to world wide popularity.