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The Registry configuration is based on a YAML file, detailed below.While it comes with sane default values out of the box, you should review it exhaustively before moving your systems to production.In a typical setup where you run your Registry from the official image, you can specify a configuration variable from the environment by passing If the default configuration is not a sound basis for your usage, or if you are having issues overriding keys from the environment, you can specify an alternate YAML configuration file by mounting it as a volume in the container.Typically, create a new configuration file from scratch,named Use this example YAML file as a starting point.

If you are deploying a registry on Windows, a Windows volume mounted from the host is not recommended.Instead, you can use a S3 or Azure backing data-store.If you do use a Windows volume, the length of the functions available.Upload purging is a background process that periodically removes orphaned files from the upload directories of the registry. To configure upload directory purging, the following parameters must be set.

, clients will not be allowed to write to the registry.

This mode is useful to temporarily prevent writes to the backend storage so a garbage collection pass can be run.