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Y2k Hair and Nails is a hair and nail salon run by a professional licensed nail technician and hair stylist. But the lady that did my nails did not do that great of a job with my fiberglass set.There are two locations for Y2k Hair and Nails; one is located in Oakshade Town Center and the other is downtown near the Amtrak station. I had to go home and file them down some more, even after i repeatedly asked her to make them more narrow to fit my finger.The business card says that they are open on Sunday, but according to the lady that works at the downtown location, they are closed on Sunday. Y2K Hair and Nails is fairly new, so it is clean, and professional. After about three days the fake nail starting peeling up.

He was friendly but seemed a bit messy, dropping the nailpolish into the foot spa thingy and cussing randomly. The rest of the ladies don't ever seem to smile but my friends got manicures there and they did well. He cuts, colors and styles most of the Woodstock's crew. I walked into Y2K hair and nails and went straight up to Dawn. Not only did she fix my hair to a light brown color that day, she scheduled appointments to get my hair lighter and blonder. He is always willing to listen and give his clients the best hair cut that he can. Do yourself a favor and have Robbie give you a great new look!Since then, we have experiments, but the way she treats my hair, it is as good as new, hardly any damage and still incredibly healthy. —Julie Dow I have been looking for a good hair stylist for over a year with reasonable prices and finally I found Robbie.I don’t know of any other hair stylist that could not only fix gross green black hair, but become a friend and a confidant! Robbie from the Hair Factory is in the same location! Robbie does exactly what you want and is super nice to boot.I know three people who go to him and they are all very happy with his work.

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