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Taking Carol Chapter I The New Neighbor Carol Sizemore couldn't think of anything her part-time neighbor would want to meet with her about.She had known that someone had purchased the house next door six months earlier, but hadn't seen or met anyone associated with it since.She had been satisfied to see the lawn care company keeping it well maintained every Wednesday, and didn't much care whether anyone ever lived there.

There was only a week of school left where she taught high school math at the Naval Base in Mayport, Florida.She finally put her mind at ease by concluding that the woman was probably an Avon lady with a bad sales technique.After a few laps in the pool Carol spoke briefly on the phone with her mother in Ohio, then showered and dressed for the visit with her new neighbor.Carol liked being on time and ended up waiting ten minutes before strolling across the lawns to ring her neighbor's doorbell precisely at six o'clock.

She was a little put off that she was made to wait a couple of long minutes before her neighbor finally opened the door. It might have had to do with the fact that Karen looked very attractive and comfortable in the business suit she was wearing.

Carol was a forgiving person and gave everyone the benefit of the doubt in almost every circumstance. Carol assumed she had important plans for later in the evening, and she felt a little embarrassed to be so underdressed in her white shorts and red tank top.