Am i dating a codependent

The best way to avoid codependent relationships is to not be codependent yourself.Know what it means to be codependent, simply giving to get.When you are trying to make a relationships work by trying to get all you can from the other person you will soon bankrupt the relationship. Tagged: codependent, Dating, Dating After Abuse, Dating the Codependent, Denial, Narcissistic personality disorder, NPD, Relationships, Stephen Bach, Trust, Uncommunicated Expectations.After my post on Dating Red Flags, many of my readers asked that I give more details on Match #4.Match #4 was a woman that I was set up with through a matchmaking service.

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We talked for about an hour during that first conversation.She had been divorced about 4 years after being married for 15.During the time she was married she had not worked for 12 years and was a stay at home mom.She recently had quit her first job after her divorce and started a new one.

I learned that she had 3 minor children and had them on opposite weekends of the weekends I had my daughter.

I knew from day one that it would be very difficult for us to have much of a relationship due to the logistics alone.