Andy samberg dating my dad

They've kept their baby girl under wraps since she was welcomed into the world last month.And Andy Samberg, 39, caused chaos as he 'introduced' his daughter with Joanna Newsome, 35, on The Conan O'Brien Show on Wednesday night.The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor burst through a curtain with what appeared to be an infant strapped to his chest in a baby carrier - but all was not as it seemed.He said: 'He also has a brand new baby girl and check it out ladies and gentlemen, he has brought her with him.'But the big unveiling soon took a comic turn as the Saturday Night Live alum began to hi-five the screaming studio audience while excitedly thrashing the 'baby' around.It wasn't until the Storks actor chest-bumped an NFL player with the baby attached that all doubt was removed that the tot was just a dummy.The skit continued with Samberg performing the break dance move known as 'the worm'... Samberg then slid chest first down a slippery mat and into assembled ten pins.The comedian then proceeded to climb the stairs into the studio audience, before leaping off and bodyslamming a wrestler.

The Tour de Pharmacy star continued to joke about his new daughter throughout the interview.While recounting a star-studded dinner he attended at Conan's house with fellow funnymen Fred Armisen (Portlandia), Martin Short (Three Amigos) and Steve Martin (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels), Samberg said: 'It was the greatest night of my life.'Conan shot back: 'But wait, you just said you had a child.''Yeah, but don't tell anybody I said that,' joked Samberg.News that the SNL veteran and his actress wife had welcomed their first child together broke in August.The addition came as a surprise to fans, as the couple didn't broadcast Joanna's pregnancy. The couple married in 2013 in Big Sur, California after a seven month long engagement.

Andy Samberg was keeping a major secret—he's a dad!

The Golden Globe winner and his musician wife of four years, Joanna Newsom, subtly welcomed a daughter together, the star's rep confirmed to E! The baby girl is the couple's first child, though it is unknown when the baby arrived or her name.