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We are going to guess unless you have been living under a rock there is a good chance you have heard the term Catfished and know what its about.This term catfished meaning the present tense or having already become the victim of someone else misrepresenting themselves in what has become known as a catfishing scam. Don’t feel ashamed if you have found yourself inside this all to common play on peoples emotions.Getting catfished usually happens in online dating sites. There are even celebrities that have fallen prey to this online emotional scam.Last year Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o found himself in a fake online relationship.Also Thomas Gibson from Dharma & Gregg and Criminal Minds fame has fallen victim to a catfish hoax.There was a documentary turned MTV Show on the topic, and is largely credited for bringing it out of the closet.There is a moment inside Catfish the documentary, Nev Schulman confronts the husband of the woman who catfished him, about his thoughts and feelings over the situation.This husband; a fisherman then tells a story that helped coin the very term.

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