Backdating a claim

We will usually need to see proof of the things you tell us about.For example, in the situation above, we would need to see a letter from the hospital or your doctor confirming your illness and the length of time you were in hospital.

You have to prove "good cause" but we must take account of all the facts of your case.Some examples of when you may have "good cause" are: If you have reached the qualifying age for State Pension Credit we can backdate your benefit automatically to a maximum of 3 months from the date of your claim.You do not need to show good cause but you must provide proof of your income for the period of backdating.Under Housing Benefit law your claim for benefit must be made in writing, normally we will start your claim from the Monday after we receive your letter.

It is therefore very important that you get your letter to us as soon as possible because it affects the date your benefit claim will start from.

Your claim will be considered by a Benefits Officer.

Backdating a claim comments

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