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BOSTON PUBLIC LIBT^A ^ Y 1984 Survey & Planning Grant PART II - PARKER HILL/MISSION HILL Inventory Forms submitted August 30, 1985 to Massachusetts Historical Commission 'j Qj^ Mission Hill Medical Area B65L II 1985 Boston Landmarks Commission Boston Redevelopment Authority COVER PHOTO: St. View of east side of street, looking northeast from Calumet St. Carol Kennedy Boston Landmarks Commission 1985 1984 Survey & Planning Grant PART II - PARKER HILL/MISSIOx N HILL Inventory Forms submitted August 30,1985 to Massachusetts Historical Commission ■ SIT) 'j Stl^ii' Mission Hill Medical Area j Rft5L II 1985 Boston Landmarks Commission Boston Redevelopment Authority COVER PHOTO: St. View of east side of street, Looking northeast from Cal-inec 3t Carol Keciaedy Boston Landtnarks Commission 1985 PARKER HILL/MISSION HILL INVENTORY FORMS Prepared by Rosalind Pollan Edward Gordan for THE BOSTON LANDMARKS COMMISSION August 1985 TABLE OF CONTENTS PART ONE - PROJECT COMPLETION REPORT : (see separate volume) I. INTRODUCTION Brief topographical history of Parker Hill/Mission Hill Review of Architectural Styles and Building Types Notable Areas of Development and Sub Area Maps II. 28, 1894 763-82--various BOSTON L-Jl NDMARKS COMMISSION Building Information Form Form No . ; Klmwootl Spring Urancli, 44 Kin^ St.; Kr^inkliii Branoli, 3175 Washington St.; llanley i V Ilrancli, 104 Ward St.!

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The local share of the project was provided by the Boston Redevelopment Authority and the City of Boston Environment Department and Historic Boston, Incorporated. This firm is also veil repre sented by high quality 3-Ceckers in Highland Fark,? j Vait (see form for 1^5-7 Hillside Steet) and carpenter Greenleaf C. The study was conducted by Rosalind Pollan and Edward Gordon, architectural historians and consultants to the Boston Landmarks Commission. (later Colunbus Ave,\ By the mid l890's both Rantins are listed as architects, The Fantins in Queen Anne 3-Decker housing-their best vorh dates to located on Caluret 3t ,rillside St. and vere 1^95 specialists -1910 and is Cherokee St. Sanborn, j Jait Street at its Huntington Avenue end was not developed until the 1390 's when Maguire began putting up his brick apartments . Staff supervision and support were provided by Judith B. original present PHOTOGRAPH S FH I'Vl, 5/lt 5/2.^ 5/3, 5A. OF STORIES (1st to cornice) _ 2 and flat; with leftmost building ROOF hipped with hipped cupola -- industrial monitor clapboards shingles stucco C6ricict^-^'c-A K'll ^ 31 Heath Street page 2. PTiificance continued: buildings in the Lower Roxbury area dating from the late '30*s and early '90's as well as the End residential retail block at 362-4 North Street c. A group of brick 3-unit houses further up Huntington Avenue at ^'326-34 are similar in style and form to those in the ■Street vicinity, but were, according to their building permits, put up in 1895 oy Roxbury builder/developer Oscar E. Mc Donough, Director of Survey and Planning and Carol Kennedy, Assistant Survey Director. 5/5, S/e-, 6/1-m PH 2.6/6*-^4rpn 3'V^-3^ TYPE (residential) single (non- residential) double row 2-fam. Hanover (IS9I) and the Lockhart Building at 137-1^9 Staniford Street c. In addition, Footman is the architect of the elaborate ^iueen Anne style American Brewing Company buildings located nearby at 249A H^eath Street. 4-fe^rm ^xr.£^ Rtrt^.-Hill/VV5-s'.cv^ liinpnciaii si ngle double row Z-tam. fnon-res Tdentia H) Commercial/residential Block 3 NO. Fe vas the son of T^oxbury carpenter/architect Saruel ? Furber--who, at this time, lived Preservation Consideration (accessibility, re-use possibilities, capacity for public use and enjoyment, protection, utilities, context) on Humboldt Avenue in -'Washington Park.

The goal of the project was to undertake an in-depth architectural and historical survey of the Parker Hill/Mission Hill study area and to make recommendations for National Register listings and Boston Landmark designations. OF STORIES (1st to cornice)_ ROOF^ cupola plus basere.^t dormers MATERIALS (Frame) clapb oards shingles stucco asphalt asbestos alum/vi nvl (Other) Ey 1930, it housed the Janes Insurance Agency and Augustus Coppernait undertakers . vas in partnership v/his father f r n c, 1895-1920. He is listed as a cc.rpenter livi near .•"oxbury Cross ing. =^'/t e- S^- Huvrnhj^rtrv' Bibliography and/or references (such as loc records, early maps, etc.

Specific goals included preparation of individual information forms for certain selected buildings of architectural or historic significance, as well as evaluating the relative significance of each building for which a form was prepared.