Books for dating couples to read together

Want a new couple’s activity that’s just as cozy as a Netflix binge sessions, but slightly more stimulating?Why not dive into one of the many books couples should read?Reading the same book together as a couple and then discussing it is one of the most powerful ways to know each other better, respectfully argue, and find unexpected places of agreement.Books can provoke intense and otherwise silently held beliefs, recall memories, force you to explore gray areas, or simply delight in the world, the intellect and the written word.And, like a good Netflix and chill session, it can be done from the comfort of your living room.Some books are ideal for couples to read together because they are intellectually stimulating, some are emotionally resonant, some are commentaries on the large and confusing modern world, but all will create space for further intimacy and discovery with your partner.I was already in love with my husband when we read Robert B.Parker's novels together, but I admit to falling just a tiny bit more in love with him after discussing the novels and hearing his thoughtful commentary on the nature of violence in a violent world and the love between the two main characters.