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When Stefan kills Ray Sutton, a child is left behind, a precocious eight-year-old werewolf named Grace. Ever since she was a little girl Caroline has had her 'imaginary' friend Henrik. The adopted daughter of Christian Grey, Charlotte had some big shoes to fill. Emma Matthews is a 'punk' or 'emo' teenager who cares about little more than her friends and little brother Auggie.Klaus, in a rare moment of hospitality, takes her under his wing and decides to raise her as a Mikaelson. And against all odds, Caroline finds that she wants to dance with a different pack of wolves... That's what her parents and even her other friends said he was, but Henrik was very real. (Katerina Patrova did not get away all those years ago. She has carefully trained herself to mirror the man, but a lifetime of terror is tormenting her. She thinks of her friends as her family more than her actual family, who she's given up on.Niklaus broke his curse with her.)When Alpha FP Jones has the opportunity to marry Kevin Keller, a beautiful Omega, he leaps at the chance. With trust issues, how will she accept Ana and can she elude her past before it finds her? Especially when Bilbo lets out one of their secrets to the group, that male Hobbits can become pregnant. But what happens when they finally realize their mistakes and want to make up for it?But with complications from politics, family grudges, and gang wars, does their arranged marriage stand a chance? Puck and Kurt hold hands, cuddle, know each other's biggest secrets, and make the other a priority..they've just been best friends for years. Now most of the dwarves have an objective, to win the little Hobbit and make him their own. When Blaine accuses him of cheating Kurt faces a choice: breaking, bending or standing up for himself. Now featuring "Dance Me to the End of Love", a series of follow-up oneshots, and "Dancing in the Dark", the "real" sequel. "Caroline Forbes doesn't get along with her friends causing her to start a dangerous life. After a dangerous encounter, Kurt moves in with his cousin, Bella Swan to escape.A/B/O, 1950's AU, FP/Kevin, Jughead/Betty Leo Mikaelson, yes you read right, he's the youngest of the Mikaelson family, Leo decided he was done with the fighting and didn't want to be daggered again so he ran, ran to a small town called Beacon Hills where he finds a whole new bucket load of problems and he might just fall for a spastic teen along the way, unless his family gets in the way. As a thousand years old Original, Elijah had thought that there's not much of anything that could rattle him and all of his suit-and-tie-wisdom anymore. You're face to face with greatness and it's strange. A fling with Klaus, turning into a vampire, running away and becoming friends with a werewolf. As he integrates into life in Forks, he meets Jacob Black, the boy who captures his heart and soul.

After Angel's trip to hell Buffy ran away and didn't come back. Peter Parker (excuse me, Peter Stark) is the son of Tony Stark. And what if both were chosen to look after baby Harry once his parents had been murdered?Will the others be able to find happiness in LA when someone from their past comes back to take what was never meant to be hers? It has just gotten out to the press that Tony Stark has a son, so guess who gets to go on a lame ass field trip to Stark Tower (excuse me, Avengers Tower)? Throw in his crazy boyfriend (one guess on who that is), one supersoldier that likes to glare, one snarky archer, and the poor tour Seventeen year old Angela Edwards lives a good life. Life As We Know It Harry Potter style, retold over 10 Halloweens, starting with 31st October 1981.SLASH, HET, chapters 1-4 reviewed, chapters 5-6 added Dear old Auntie Petunia has done it again, left poor lil Harry on his biological family's steps. Now with the help of a blood ritual the Frump, Addam, and Potter bloodlines all come in a clash of light and dark. That is, until her Mother's numerous affairs are revealed and she abruptly joins her Father in moving back to sleepy Woodsboro, California - where she spent the first eight years of her life. Merlin is not the useless idiot that he is assumed to be. T for safety You've heard all about Riley Matthews and her friends, but what about her big sister?

The fall of senior year holds many life changing promises for Angela's future, but she never could have pictured it this way. This collection will explore times when Merlin surprises people with skills they do not expect him to have. CO-WRITTEN WITH PIECEOFKLAINE :)This is a (random) story about the six best friends, it's cute, fluffy and basically going nowhere!

When a freak accident leaves Kurt Hummel orphaned at just nine, it's up to his uncle and godfather, Tony Stark, to do the best he can to keep Kurt from breaking apart. Part 1: Kindness, Part 2: Languages, Part 3: Hard-working Kurt Hummel is a quiet, shy person who loves art and reading. Send me requests on what you want to see in the next chapters!