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These exceedingly-plush towels from Parachute are an easy way to upgrade your bathroom.They're fluffy, absorbent and loomed from superior 100% long-staple Turkish cotton at 700 grams per square meter.(We hear that’s really good.) A lawsuit filed by a current Michigan State University student says that, in 2015, three MSU basketball players gang-raped her in an off-campus apartment.The student also says that employees at the university's counseling center discouraged her from reporting the rape.

(Perhaps the only thing the military knows better about travel, in fact, is packing.) The chest rises and falls rhythmically, hypnotically. Nobody's marketed a sleep robot before, and we're not even sure it's a robot.It looks like a pillowy four-pound kidney bean, about the size of a novelty prize at a carnival game."Grand Theft Auto V" has been criticized for depicting torture, deploying heavily sexual scenes, using racially offensive terms and a misogynistic portrayal of women.It is also the most financially successful media title of all time.

We could definitely do without these pranksters' commentary, but we have to admit driving a remote-controlled lawn mower around in circles until the whole neighborhood flips out is a high-quality prank.

On last night's episode, Lisa and Marge acknowledged that the show's only South Asian character is "politically incorrect" but then asked, "What can you do?