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Welcome to another edition of Password Cracking Decrypted.In this manual we will learn, you guessed it, how to crack passwords.In this edition we have explanations to how to break more kinds of passwords.Although this manual is quite easy to understand, I would definitely like to make one suggestion.

Although, like all other software, as soon as the developer tries to add a user friendly feature or make the software easier to use or more efficient, he has to make at least some compromise in the security or safety field.One popular example would be Outlook Express, ever since the Preview Pane has been introduced within the email client, Outlook Express users have become prone to Email-Borne Viruses.Anyway, getting back to the subject of this tutorial, even including the ‘Save Password’ feature has made the User’s Password unsafe.Now, what happens is that, when you check on this option or enable it, then the concerned software (Browser or Internet Service Provider Software) takes it passes it through an algorithm to encrypt it.