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The girl (to write) on the blackboard is our best pupil. The house (to surround) by tall trees is very beautiful. We listened to the girls (to sing) Russian folk songs. We listened to the Russian folk songs (to sing) by the girls. The book (to write) by this scientist is very interesting. We could not see the sun (to cover) by dark clouds. The engineers invited to our laboratory work very well.

8) (Arrive) at a big seaport, I started to look for a job. 5) It was a bright Sunday morning of early summer (promise) heat. 7) (Judge) by the colour of the sun it should be windy tomorrow. 4) (Fill) his pockets with apples the boy was about to run away when he saw the owner of the garden with a stick in his hand. 8) She had rather a (pleasing, pleased) look on her face. 3) A snake (sleep) in the grass will bite if anyone treads upon it.

5) Uncle Frank has a gentle old horse (naming, named) Pete on his farm. 7) He opened the letter with (shaking, shaken) fingers. 2) She entered the dining room (accompany) by her husband and her father.

The cylinder has the ignition plug screwed on the top. - a (complicate) explanation; - a (terrify) experiment; - (well-pay) job; - a (burn) barn; - a (steal) car; - (run) water; - (blind) light; - a (die) soldier; - a (swim) lesson; - (long-play) records; Choose the form of the Participle. 4) I would stay at home after such a (tiring, tired) day.