Christian dating advice for teenage guys

Have you ever been to a Christian event and thought, ‘Where are all the single people?’ Last year I went to a Christian conference and spent the whole week thinking this exactly as I looked across a sea of worshipping hands with wedding rings on.‘This guy and I are interested in each other romantically,’ said the email.‘However, he has a history of drugs, gambling, crime and even a spell in prison.He became a Christian during his sentence, which he says gave him the motivation to change his life.He seems to have turned over a new leaf, but should I be concerned about his past?

I’d be very careful not to be too friendly to guys I wasn’t interested in.

I’d be wary of being too friendly to guys I was interested in, because what if I got to know them better and then found out I didn’t actually like them that much? Needless to say, this is not a productive dating strategy.