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This minecraft server datecraft can be found on the list to the right or can be viewed by clicking on The Button below, we have additional information, ip and port to connect to.

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Kinda neat to be able to do the search and find people who get me!! Wo W= only game/ MMORPG that I have ever played or will play. Been playing since a month after release (my 51 year old friend bought it for me when I was recovering from surgery) and fast forward to present day... Calatria- Knight Champion Guild master of Onara~ Kilrogg server300 members (and counting since forming in September)Met a friend here on POF over the last 3 days and he rolled a toon on my sever. Thanks for coming over into the light to the Alliance!! I can't wait to get to know all of you and start my journey here on POF. Drop a line and say hi and if you get to Portland, I have a cold waiting for you! Cal I played EQ, then WOW when it came out for the first year. I don't think there is anyone out there that totally 'gets' what we do... Went back recently for a bit, but let my sub lapse last month, most of my friends had quit long ago. Server: Skywall Faction: Horde70 Orc Elemental Shaman (Mofojoe)70 Discipline Priest (Mofojoy)Current Guild is hitting TK, Kara(frequently), ZA, Gruul, Hyjal, and sometimes SSC. LOL-Idea of a perfect Friday evening with my guy: Me: "Ok, so the pizza is going to be here in 20 minutes, ok?

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