Dating a man who travels a lot

There are only book, copybook, dairy and pen on the table. -Very good, then what is the day of the week today? Don’t date an alpha female who travels, unless you are a guy who can inspire her to dream big and wander with her. She is always working on something important and she wants a partner who understands and supports that. Paying for dinner, helping her with her heavy suitcase, buying her presents is flattering.She knows she is destined for greatness and she won’t tone it down if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Lying on a beach and doing nothing for hours can ruin her mood as she won’t feel like spending her time in a meaningful way. A true alpha will appreciate and let you do all these gestures for her but her expectations of you as her man will be set way higher.

If there is no passion in you she will sense it and lose interest in seeing you again. There is no stereotype or check box that can define her.She is tough on the inside but hot and feminine on the outside.She might wear a backless tight dress and become the center of attention at a fancy cocktail and then switch personalities, slipping into a baggy T-shirt and jeans to hitchhike across countries.An alpha female who travels doesn’t follow trends or social rules.

She doesn’t need to “get a stable job, get married, get a mortgage, have kids, be a good mom and take care of the home” to feel like a fulfilled woman. Tell her that you are crashing a bachelorette party and she will hug you and wish you to have fun.

Not being jealous might make you question if she likes you enough. But she also knows that hanging out with other women will make you appreciate her more.

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