Dating a portuguese girl

I stared at the cloudy sky wishing I went to Portugal instead. No, this definitely wasn’t going to be a summer romance where we frolicked on the beach. I mean, what if the language barrier got to be too much? The cold weather made it impossible for me to wear any of the twelve dresses I packed for the trip. I felt guilty for convincing her to stay in the same hostel, but I was a bit nervous Luiz and I were just not going to get along.Instead I went to meet him in tights and a long sweater. I mean, it thirty degrees plus up until this point. We only known each other for two nights and we didn’t do much talking then. I booked a separate room for us while poor Pamela had to share a dorm with a few other girls, most of whom were not even there so she was technically alone the whole time.He got out of the taxi, just as shy and gorgeous as I remembered him, now wearing a dark jacket and jeans.He hugged Pame and then awkwardly kissed me on the cheek.We took an elevator up to our room, where I felt like the bed was the giant elephant we tried hard to ignore.“I got you something” he said in his soft voice and took out a Portuguese soccer scarf.

We fumbled and mumbled around nervously until he finally kissed me. It also helped that I wanted to kiss him all over and could stare at him for hours.While I was miserable walking around cold, gray Berlin, so much so that I have to admit I missed out on seeing some of the most famous cites (yes, even the Brandenburg Gate… I am a horrible, horrible person) the best part was always coming back to our room where we could crawl under the covers and cuddle for hours.We spent so much time in the room that Pamela became very irritated as we would never come down to meet her on time. She was alone, in an extremely deserted hostel which I picked for my own purposes and the fact that Jose acted a completely different way towards her than Luiz towards me didn’t help matters.We did meet the guys the same way and in the same place.

I never in a million years imagined such a crazy outcome.

She did think Luiz was adorable and was rooting for me one hundred percent, which I’m not sure I would have done had I been in her situation.