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At some point a girl has to face not only the mirror, but her genealogy, and accept that she is not French.(Unless she is French.)For out-of-country Francophiles, however, coming to terms with this fact in no way softens the blows of the daily minutiae: hair that doesn’t automatically muss itself artfully yet casually, greetings that are awkward and full of accidental cheek-missing, mouth-kissing fumbles. MR: In your mind, what does the ideal first date outfit look like? ” I am French, I dont understand how you can see more than one person at once. But just because someone will never have a Parisian accent or look appropriately dressed in every situation to said accent doesn’t mean that she can’t absorb the advice of an actual French woman (who still doesn’t get what the fuss is all about). Meet Laura, our resident French friend who works in fashion, lives in Manhattan and navigates the same world as us, only through a decidedly different lens. Laura: White shirt, denim, favorite watch and shoes made for walking. MR: What’s better: kale stuck between your teeth, or having everything on your fork fall off just as you’re about to take a bite? This week we asked her about first dates in NYC; next round she’ll answer what you’d like to know, so leave your questions in the comments below. MR: What’s the best thing someone could say to you on a date? Laura: Kale stuck in my teeth while opening my mouth to take a bite and everything falls of my fork. Do you text, let him text, believe he should he call? Laura: I was brought up to always thank whoever invites me to dinner. She’s like Dear Abby and Google combined, only way more French. Laura: The concept of dating different people at once doesn’t exist in Paris. Laura: Who cares about the spot when the date captivates you? MR: What do you do if you’re on a date, and you really have to pee, but you have already peed three times? MR: What if you don’t get butterflies, but don’t hate him/her, either — and that person asks you out again. Laura: So let me get this straight…you are on a date, and you know the person since you are having dinner together. If you want to use the bathroom five times, you do so. MR: Do you follow rules about more-than kissing after a first date? The present study aimed to (1) examine prevalence rates and frequency of dating violence victimization among a representative sample of Quebec high school adolescents and (2) explore possible gender differences in these rates as well as in perceived impact of victimization.Results show that psychological violence is the most frequent form of dating victimization reported.

Analyses on different indicators of the impact of victimization (i.e.feelings of fear, distress and post-traumatic stress symptoms) reveal that teenage girls are more vulnerable to sustaining more pervasive impacts than boys.The findings underscore dating violence as a prevalent public health problem.A significant number of teens report dating victimization with girls more likely than boys to perceive negative impacts associated with the coercive behaviors experienced.

El presente estudio tuvo como objetivos: a) examinar las tasas de prevalencia y la frecuencia de la victimización de la violencia en parejas en una muestra representativa de adolescentes de Secundaria de Quebec y b) explorar diferencias por sexo en esas tasas, así como en el impacto percibido de la victimización.

La violencia psicológica es la forma más frecuente de victimización en parejas adolescentes.

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