Dating an agoraphobic

About ten months ago, my therapist said that I was borderline agoraphobic.

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I'm just scared that he doesn't believe I can be that person. I think what you are trying to do here is project your own desires upon the desires of God, because of how YOU feel about this relationship.I know I can because I know I'm not doing it for my ex! My opinion is that you have no logical reason to belive that you are going to get back together or that God wants you back together.I have been tired of riding the fence for a while and this just brought things into perspective. So in the absence of that, as hard as it is, the only logical thing to do is to move on. Sure it's possible, but you don't know if that's God's plan for you. But, it will drive you crazy to sit and think about this and wonder.The changes I've made feel so genuine I'm just looking for opinions. Instead of the term "moving on", I think you should strive to be who God wants you to be irregardless of who this man is and what he could possibly be in your life.

Being friends with an ex is dangerous ground; because if you still have feelings for them you begin to take every good interaction with them as a "sign" that you should be together again when it may not be anything.

And it makes you feel awful when they start dating someone new.