Dating during dental school

They met at Union High School in the fall of 2006 in Ms. It was Nicole's senior year and Stephen's junior year, since Stephen was very smart.Nicole was very impressed how Stephen always was so respectful in class to everyone, so she wanted to meet him.Nicole asked Stephen to be her lab partner and their friendship began.When Senior Hoedown approached in October, Nicole didn't have a date and per the school rules a junior student could only attend if invited by a senior student.Nicole approached Stephen one day after lunch as asked him to be her date for Senior Hoedown and he said YES!Although hoedown was their first official date in October 2006, it took Stephen a few more weeks to ask Nicole to be his girlfriend.On December 2, 2006, at a mutual friend's birthday party, Stephen wrote on a napkin, "Will you be my girlfriend? " Stephen still gives her a hard time today for not saying yes instead!

After patiently waiting during Nicole's freshman year of college and Stephen's senior year of high school, they both were able to attend the University of Oklahoma together in the fall of 2008.We have great memories early on in our relationship of having dinner together frequently with both of our families, going to the lake in the summer, and watching movies.As college went on, time quickly approached for Nicole to apply to dental school in order to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a dentist.As she began applying to schools, it became quickly evident that the likelihood of Nicole going to dental school outside of Oklahoma was high.