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A crush is a feeling of infatuation, love, romance, or lust towards another.Crushes are usually considered to be more superficial and short-term than romantic love, but certainly can develop into more complex emotions.Having a crush is often an important step in the emotional development of an adolescent.

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There are two situations that would result in him finding out: 1. There are two different types of cute, hot/'i want you' cute and awww cute.If you make it obvious enough (Show signs like smiling at him, talking/hanging around him a lot, flirt). You have a gossipy friend that you told that you have a crush on the guy, and your gossipy friend told everyone. The first one is when you can sense she actually means it, it will be coming off her in waves. It means that this person has touched your heart in a way that you have allowed yourself to give the gift of love. When even the vices of an individuals personality contribute to the sensation of affection which you feel for them. It depends how far we are talking about a crush going if it's just basically you liking the look of another man/women then that's perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.And the second one is when she doesn't mean it, like saying awww to a little child falling off a seat and... This is how you say: I have a crush on her in Farsi: ٠ن بر او دره٠Man osheghesh astam, Man doostesh Doram, Man osheqe oen astom (i have a crush on her/him, when you refer in Persian there isn't an male of female variation. Although if you are constantly thinking about the other person and are finding your partner less attractive then in a way it...Primarily, it's because one people has waaay too much time on their peoples' hands, and becomes obsessed with another people due to some perceived shared interest. If her body, by that I mean her chest head feet and hands, is turned towards you. Ok I'm sure everyone it's different but to be honest, I have a crush on my teacher. A crush is a small bword that has a HUGE menaing to must teens, boys and girls.

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    Kate Beckinsale isn't alone. E! News confirmed the 43-year-old British actress has been dating Matt Rife, a 21-year-old comedian and TV personality. The two met through a mutual friend, ET reported yesterday, and though neither Beckinsale nor Rife has commented on their relationship, photos surfaced of the two passionately kissing in…