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Castors are attached to home furnishings in order to make housekeeping and rearranging easier.But apart from these, do you know that castor wheels help antique collectors in estimating the age of furniture?

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Although wooden castors are still manufactured, most of the surviving furniture made during this era which is available in antique stores nowadays has cast iron wheels instead of wood.Step 4: Check if the Castor is made of solid Brass The furniture may still indicate that it is manufactured during the Georgian period, however, if it has solid brass castor wheels, then it means that it is manufactured anywhere between 17.The entire Georgian period (starting from 1750 to 1830) is in fact called the "Golden Age of Furniture" because it is during this era that majority of the innovation on furniture had been introduced to the public.Step 5: See if the Castor is made of Rubber or Polyurethane These castor wheels are manufactured in modern times.

Thus, it is possible that the wheels of the antique furniture that you are eyeing on have already been replaced.

Warnings and Tips Be reminded that castors are easily replaceable.