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Although social media sites may seem like an easy way of keeping in touch with peers, in fact, close bonds can only be maintained through traditional face-to-face contact, according to Oxford University.Oxford anthropologist Professor Robin Dunbar claims that close friendships can only be maintained in person.“Social media certainly help to slow down the natural rate of decay in relationship quality that would set in once we cannot readily meet friends face-to-face,” he said.“But no amount of social media will prevent a friend eventually becoming ‘just another acquaintance’ if you don’t meet face-to-face from time to time.“There is something paramount about face-to-face interactions that is crucial for maintaining friendships.

But researchers wanted to find our whether social media might overcome the constraints because posts, tweets and pictures allow users to communicate with many people quickly and at the same time.Prof Dunbar and his team carried out surveys of more than 3300 people to see whether using the internet really means we can have more friends.Men and women use social network services (SNSs) differently and with different frequencies.In general, several researchers have found that women tend to use SNSs more than men and for different and more social purposes.

Technologies, including communications technologies, have a long history of shaping and being shaped by the gender of their users.

Although technologies used to perform housework have an apparent historical connection to gender in many cultures, a more ready connection to SNSs may be drawn with telephones as a communications technology readily and widely available in the home.

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