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Maybe he's not the most handsome actor on the block - tall and skinny, with an angular face and auburn hair.And maybe the general public still have only a passing familiarity with him.Nevertheless, this 34-year-old actor can lay claim to a dazzling roster of work in the past year, and his good fortune is about to multiply, with enough juicy roles to leave fellow-thespians drooling.There's been an award-winning theatrical performance (as Jimmy Porter in John Osborne's Look Back in Anger), a show-stealing part as Sarah Parish's detective lover in the BBC's drama series Blackpool, and the title role in its Casanova.Next, he turns villain for an ITV thriller Secret Smile, based on a Nicci French novel.He's also snaffled a part as Voldemort's henchman in the latest Harry Potter film.And then comes the role that will surely see him tip the balance from esteemed actor to household name - the new Doctor Who.All this from an actor who barely registers on the celebrity scale.

He wants to talk about his latest project, Secret Smile, which sees him playing Brendan Block, a "deeply misunderstood" individual, Tennant says, with typical understatement. "It's always a very intoxicating and irrational thing to be that obsessed with someone.In fact, Block is an egomaniac who refuses to accept his girlfriend's ending their relationship. I hope I dealt with it better than Brendan Block." He felt grateful, he says, for his single status during filming.Instead of sloping off like any self-respecting rejected lover, Block returns with a vengeance, starts going out with his ex-girlfriend's sister, and wreaks havoc on her family. The amiably eccentric Timelord, Orton's angry young man, or does he have Block's dark, villainous side? "It would have been a nightmare if I'd been breaking up with someone while playing Brendan..." He liked the role because it felt vaguely Hitchcockian, and he loves the darkness of films such as Marnie.For someone "pure and clean", he certainly likes art and literature that examines the bleaker side of life.

Occasionally, his characters' bad habits have crept into his life. "I didn't become any more furious than normal, but I did become deeply politically incorrect.

That's what Jimmy does, he pushes the boundary and then goes beyond it.

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