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With deep burgundy reflections, the auburn color sublimates brown with a milky complexion or Mediterranean complexion. They zebra belly, thighs, breasts red marks then white. Yet there are assets that can prevent or mitigate them.Vanessa Giani, training manager Jean Louis David, tells us everything about this ultra-desirable color.After the departure of Kim Jones, named last week at Dior Homme, this is another flag bearer of the street movement that takes up the torch of masculine lines Louis Vuitton: Virgil Abloh, creator multi-caps 38 years, CV explosive mode.At the same time as the release of the fourth volume of the saga "The prodigious friend", titled "The lost child", we learned the serial adaptation of this story of friendship that begins in Italy. The great reporter Manon Querouil-Bruneel investigated for a year with Malek Dehoune, a "former city" in Seine-Saint-Denis (93).

And now, in terms of development, it is a trend that is emulated and dream many of us: have a dressing room. It is a dream accessible to all, including small rooms! And when you notice a stain of wine on his sofa or a stain of fat on his leather jacket: it's the drama.

Here are our tips to overcome these stains that ruin everything!

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