Does edward and bella dating in real life

Edward and Bella have been best friends since childhood and Bella has always loved him. Colored fabric floated through the room as people made their way to their seats. My mind didn't have the wiliness to read the sentence properly, only to pick out certain words.But when Edward meets Tanya in College, Bella's world starts to fall apart. I sat in mine, almost glued to it, my hair was pinned up, a blue dress that travelled to my knees and hugged my waist was forced on me by Alice and my make-up had been done by Rose. I took another breath, looking up again as guests filed into the long room. I was the same age as Edward and we grew up as best friends... I looked down again, taking another breath and turning the booklet over so I didn't have to read the writing. But within our first week of College, he met Tanya.Now on their wedding day, will Bella reveal her feelings and Tanya's dark secrets? Something caught my eye and I saw Alice, standing by the door of the room Edward was in. My head was already filled with memories and seeing her name would not help matters. We sat one morning, talking about the night before and Edward's not-so-soberness, when someone sat down in the seat beside him, and he turned as she dropped her bag on his foot."Oh! " She looked at him and smiled slightly, "I didn't mean to."He shook his head, "It's fine. She smiled again, pushing a strand of blonde hair behind her ear, removing her bag from his foot and then offering her hand, "I'm Tanya."He shook her hand, "Edward. He took her home to meet his family over the Christmas break, and everything seemed perfect for them. But Tanya hated me and I couldn't get anywhere near him. For everything."I looked up at him in confusion, "Sorry?3 parts Anyone else heard Taylor Swift's song "Speak Now"? I wrote this within an hour or two, it was a storyline that came into my head and i had to write it straight away. She watched the guests with hard eyes, or rather, Tanya's family. Edward and I went to medical school together, we'd moved away from home, we only knew each other... Nice to meet you."She smiled again, "You too."For the rest of the lecture they talked. At the end of the lecture, Edward turned towards me, his eyes wide as if only realising my presence. And to be perfectly honest, I was happy for Edward, because he was happy. Tanya became obsessive, Edward couldn't talk to anyone, he couldn't talk to , if he called his family she thought he was cheating on her. But if Edward couldn't do anything without her consent that didn't mean she couldn't. I squeezed my eyes shut tight, feeling the tears threaten to spill over the rims of my eyes and I looked up again, seeing the room almost packed now. "He nodded, glancing away from me, "If I hadn't of said hello to her on that day... :)My palms were sweating, my breathing was coming in short sallow gasps as I sat there, looking around me with wide eyes as my world crumbled around me. I glanced down at my hands, holding the tiny booklet and reading the front words slowly.I looked back at him and his eyes returned to their normal size as he smiled at me, "Lunch? I met eyes with Alice again and she stared at me, her eyes burning into mine. I couldn't tell him back then and I couldn't do it now. No matter how much he "stared when I wasn't looking" or "smiled when I blushed" or "reached to save me when I fell" Edward Cullen did NOT love Bella Swan."Bella! I looked up and noticed my cheeks were wet, but I didn't think that's why Alice wanted me. None of this would've happened..." His voice turned soft, almost wishful, "Things would be different right now. We would've..." he stopped and looked back at me, coughing and speaking again, "I feel bad for us not talking as much, not spending as much time together as before..."I shook my head, half in shock over his earlier words and in anger at Tanya, "It wasn't "He didn't speak but suddenly he took a step towards me, his arm reaching out to touch me in the same instant that the door opened."Come on man! " Emmett stood at the doorway, his hand on the door frame as he smiled at us, "Sorry to interrupt." He glanced between us, looking at Edward's hand and our proximity. Maybe I should just leave again..."Edward shook his head, removing his hand from my skin and reaching for his tux jacket, "It's time?"I nodded and we both left together as Tanya headed out with her own friends. Alice had been pestering me to, but I couldn't break his heart. She motioned towards me with her hand and I got up from my chair, almost unstably. Trust me." I put on a smile, hoping he would buy it. "Emmett sighed and looked at me before nodding, "Yeah.

I walked forward slightly, my heels making a clicking noise on the hard floor, making him turn."Bella! For a moment I thought he was going to haul me into his arms and kiss me. He stopped in front of me, running his hands through his hair, "I'm freaking out."I paused, looking at him for a long moment, "About? He looked at me one last time, and then moved his eyes to her, smiling a little. I believe what Alice and Rose and every Cullen had told me.

Edward loved I watched him as he took Tanya's hand and her eyes searched his.