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Abu Dhabi National Oil Company is the biggest oil and gas company of UAE and also 4th largest oil and gas company of the world .It have the biggest oil and gas reserves in the world .The company discover oil and gas resources in the UAE and also all over the world .It perform offshore and onshore activities in oil and gas fields . Abu Dhabi National Oil Company need staff these days and hiring for different positions in different departments .It export oil and gas to other companies and also many countries . It need staff for Accounts departments , Sales , Marketing , Engineering , Offshore , Onshore , Administration , IT , HR and many other departments .It hiring expert trained staff as well fresh graduates who can work in future with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company ."construction" means building, erection, excavation, alteration, repair, renovation, dismantling, demolition, structural maintenance, painting, moving, land clearing, earth moving, grading, street and highway building, concreting, equipment installation and alteration and the structural installation of construction components and materials in any form or for any purpose, and work in connection with it; "engineering controls" means the physical arrangement, design or alteration of workstations, equipment, materials, production facilities or other aspects of the physical work environment, for the purpose of controlling risk; death as a result of an injury arising out of and in the course of employment and includes a recurrence of an injury and an aggravation of a pre-existing condition but does not include stress other than stress that is an acute reaction to a sudden and unexpected traumatic event; "occupation" means an employment, business, calling or pursuit but does not include an endeavour that is not included in one of the classes of occupations in the current National Occupational Classification List developed by the Department of Human Resources and Social Development Canada in collaboration with Statistics Canada; "occupational disease" means a disease prescribed by regulations under section 90 of the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Act and another disease peculiar to or characteristic of a particular industrial process, trade or occupation; "occupational health service" means a service established in or near a workplace to maintain and promote the physical and mental well-being of workers and may include personnel, equipment, transportation, supplies and facilities; In these regulations, a reference to a code or guideline, unless otherwise stated, includes amendments to that code or guideline and a reference shall be presumed to be a reference to the most current code or guideline.(1)Where an employer cannot resolve an issue in the workplace regarding occupational health and safety and there is a refusal to work, the issue shall be referred to the occupational health and safety committee, the worker health and safety representative or the workplace health and safety designate, as appropriate, and the employer shall notify the division.

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A copy of a stop work order shall be provided by the division to the occupational health and safety committee, the worker health and safety representative or the workplace health and safety designate, as appropriate.send a written notice to the minister containing the name of the plant or construction site, its location, the mailing address to which correspondence should be directed, the nature of the work, the numbers of workers to be employed and the name of the firm under which the business is to be carried on; and in the case of a plant, provide the minister, upon request, with plans showing the plant buildings and the main disposition of equipment and information relevant to processes and the nature of the substances that may be used.Notwithstanding that it is not a disease referred to in the Schedule, an employer shall inform the minister of a disease or illness affecting a worker in his or her employ that is determined by a medical practitioner to be an occupational or work related disease or illness.Where an employer is advised by or on behalf of a worker that the worker has an occupational disease or that a claim in respect of an occupational disease has been filed with the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission by or on behalf of the worker, the employer shall give notice to the division within 3 days of being advised.