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There are only book, copybook, dairy and pen on the table. -Very good, then what is the day of the week today? So, now, one pupil tell me the exact form of the verb in the active voice and then this pupil ask from the other pupil the passive form of the same tense. Read the examples and try to make up a rule when we use by and with. The interrogative form is built up placing the First (auxiliary) verb before the subject of the sentence. The negative form is built up by placing the particle not after the first verb. Let’s look through the whole tenses of the passive voice. There you can see all the forms of the Passive Voice. The last one we should know at this lesson is the forms of the passive voice in interrogative and negative sentences. This issue is rather difficult but you showed your good knowledge during the lesson. -So, now you see the differences of the translations of active and passive voices. - So, today we’ve begun a new theme The Passive Voice. Ask each other which differences exactly can you tell.

So, today we begin new theme called “The Passive Voice”. You’ll have to make up sentences to each of the tense. -First of all, I want you to remember some forms of the irregular verbs. Do you think that the Past Simple and Participle are so widely -spread forms in everyday life? Especially, it is needed for our new theme where we can’t do anything without these forms. -Now, open your dairies and write down your homework. -How do you think why I ordered you to write down these verbs? -How do you think why I ordered you to write down these verbs?