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(AP) Richard Sherman walked into what used to be enemy territory at the home of the San Francisco 49ers decked out in a red suit to match his new team after switching sides from Seattle in this fierce NFC West rivalry. (AP) After spending most of his first four seasons in Minnesota as a part-time back, Jerick Mc Kinnon wanted to find a spot in free agency where he could show off his ability as a featured runner. (AP) The San Francisco 49ers started free agency Wednesday by getting some needed help for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, agreeing to a four-year contract with versatile running back Jerick Mc Kinnon and a five-year deal with interior offensive lineman Weston Richburg just after the start of the new league year.

Lie on your left side, or get on all fours and bring your chest down to your knees.Your face should be near the floor, and your bottom in the air. If you still feel the urge to push, then go with it.It can be frightening to feel that your baby is coming in a way that you didn’t plan, but your body was built for this, and help is on the way.If you're on your own, bring your bottom nearer to the floor and put a folded towel beneath you to give your baby a soft landing. Babies are slippery immediately after the birth so try to get a firm hold when handling your newborn.