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Although a dictionary definition of ‘flirting’ would focus more on the playful non-commital aspect of it, most strong commitments started with two strangers flirting somewhere.So, it is safe to say that flirting is a universal quality hardwired into the genes of all humans alike. They are the proud owners of the ‘stiff upper lip’ also known as emotional constipation. They can drink anyone, anytime, anywhere, under the table.But like everything else in Britain, think car driver’s seat, it is not that straightforward. While British women take them for granted, women of all other nations find them irresistible. The day a Brit voluntarily reveals what they’re really feeling is the day the queen goes out in a pair of jeans. Whatever they say, no matter how inappropriate, is steeped in their famous, and indecipherable British sense of humour. It is one of the many qualities British women hold with pride. They are known for being fairly stern and serious, but that might be because no one can tell when they’re joking. They are very independent and are happy to pay the bill on a date. That being said, they are flirtatious, but in their own way.A study conducted by The Social Issues Research Centre found that 99% of young Britons admit to at least some flirting, and over a third said that they have flirted with someone either ‘today’ or ‘within the past week’.Males are slightly more flirtatious than females and are at their flirting peak between the ages of 18–24 where flirting is much more common.Interestingly, those describing themselves as ‘dating’ or ‘in a relationship’ flirted almost as much as those describing themselves as ‘single’ or ‘not seeing anyone’.It is worth mentioning that for the Brits, there are two types of flirting: There’s flirting to make a move on someone and flirting to have a laugh with them.