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, she uses those skills to explore what it means to be a grandparent today.She puts anecdotes and lessons from her own life — as mom to Taylor and now grandma to Jordan and Chloe — in the context of research from scientists, doctors, anthropologists and psychiatrists.The following is an excerpt from Chapter 5, : In colonial America, life expectancy was short, so there weren’t that many grandmothers.

We’re all postponing growing up or, in our case, growing old. The Millennials, aged 20 to 35 (our grandchildren), are still living at home — roughly a quarter of them. The dating site even offers tips on how to conduct a social and sex life under the heading “Dating at Mom and Dad’s House.” At the same time, by putting off retirement and continuing to earn, we older Americans are extending our independence.This means that many of us are able to send money for our grandchildren’s education, medical bills and day care.As a generation we’re deeply embedded in their lives.More than half of all American grandmothers are not yet senior citizens. But as they cross that line, more and more, like me, they’re kicking retirement down the road.