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All men between the age of 19 and 45* with Greek citizenship or those designated by Greek authorities as being of Greek origin, ancestry or descent — regardless of country of birth, current citizenship, passport or domicile — must serve mandatory military service of: Longer tours of 12-36 months were previously required.Greek males between the ages of 18 and 60 who live in strategically sensitive areas (i.e., Samos) may be called and paid to serve part-time in the National Guard.

It will clearly state this in the ad and is not considered discrimination.Parliament passed a law in 2004 that allows men aged 35 and older to buy out their military obligation for 8,505 euros after attending 45 days of basic training.The amount is calculated as 810 euros/month (income of a professional soldier) less taxes.Critics rightfully argue that only the rich can afford this option since this is more than most ordinary citizens earn per annum.

The armed forces had aimed to be a completely professional military system, with mandatory military service reduced to six (6) months or abolished completely by 2008, according to New Democracy’s 2004 campaign promises.

But due to severe shortages of voluntary conscripts, the mandatory length of service was shortened instead of abolished.

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