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According to a statement released by El Sobky Production Company last Wednesday, Wahbe is no longer allowed to participate in any Egyptian musical or cinematic production, as decreed by the Egyptian Chamber of Cinema Industry, the Theatrical Professions Syndicate and the Cinema Syndicate.The dispute started in July of this year when Wehbe decided to terminate her contract with El Sobky Production Company for the film ‘Thanya Wahda’ over what she claims to be ‘lack of ethics’ on the production company’s end.The production company has since filed a complaint against her because she violated her contract by shooting another film called ‘Kheir W Baraka’ which was released this last Eid.According to the statement, the actress has been asked to pay back El Sobky Productions $40,000 for her part in the film and reimburse the company for the amount of EGP 1.7 million for the cost of filming.Wahbe has since apologised for violating her contract and has expressed hope in future collaborations.For more details check out El Sobky Production’s Facebook page.We’re thrilled to unveil the first issue of Soul Arabia with Diva @Haifa Wehbe #Haifa Wehbe taking the cover by a storm of dazzling beauty.Read about #Dubai topping the global list of tourist destinations, have a look at new healthy recipes for a lean physique & other topics.

Apparently, J-Lo never got the memo, “Once a cheater always a cheater.” According to a new report, Casper Smart cheated on Jennifer Lopez AGAIN after she took him back, this time with Lebanese pop-star Haifa Wehbe.According to a report in the June 29 edition of In Touch Magazine, Casper Smart met Haifa while dancing with her on the set of her music video “Breathing You In.” Just like when he worked with Jennifer Lopez nearly five years ago, Casper made a move on Haifa and began hooking up with her after the cameras stopped rolling.In Touch Magazine’s inside source reveals, “They began a secret affair that lasted until this spring.J-Lo saw texts between Casper and Haifa, that’s how she uncovered the affair.

She became possessive and controlling, she was furious and forced him to sever all ties with Haifa.” We’re a little confused, if Jennifer Lopez caught Casper Smart cheating on her…again, why didn’t she just kick him to the curb?

J-Lo has always promoted “girl power,” and constantly talks about empowering women, but she seems to have a tough time applying those ideas to her own life.