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aspdotnet-suresh offers C#articles and tutorials,csharp dot net,articles and tutorials, VB.Defines the core behavior of authentication providers and provides a base for derived classes.Implementations of this class must provide a default constructor if they're intended to be instantiated from the app.config file. Sql Credential provides a more secure way to specify the password for a login attempt using SQL Server Authentication.The implementation of the key store provider for Windows Certificate Store. A custom provider must derive from this class and override its member functions and then register it using Sql Connection. Sql Credential is comprised of a user id and a password that will be used for SQL Server Authentication.This class enables using certificates stored in the Windows Certificate Store as column master keys. The password in a Sql Credential object is of type Secure String. Windows Authentication (Integrated Security = true) remains the most secure way to log in to a SQL Server database.The Sql Dependency object represents a query notification dependency between an application and an instance of SQL Server.An application can create a Sql Dependency object and register to receive notifications via the On Change Event Handler event handler.Encapsulates the information Sql Client sends to SQL Server to initiate the process of attesting and creating a secure session with the enclave, SQL Server uses for computations on columns protected using Always Encrypted.

Describes the different SQL authentication methods that can be used by a client connecting to Azure SQL Database.For details, see Connecting to SQL Database By Using Azure Active Directory Authentication.Specifies how data will be sent and received when reading and writing encrypted columns.Depending on your specific query, performance impact may be reduced by bypassing the Always Encrypted driver’s processing when non-encrypted columns are being used.

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    Thanks for the reply but if I do this then I have no way of knowing which row is being changed. I do this at the moment using the GridViewUpdateEventArgs on the gridName_RowUpdating event – Sun Sep 4 '12 at…
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    Infragistics Ultimate The complete toolkit for building high. The easiest way would be to handle RowUpdating event and take the new data in it and update.…