Hugh dancy and isla fisher dating

The film star Hugh Dancy, 33, with a pukka Winchester and Oxford education, has been labelled the new Hugh Grant.Actually, he has more of the look of Jude Law, particularly when gazing longingly from the attic of Bumpkin restaurant at the dark Notting Hill skyline, dying to get to the end of the interview, and the manner of Prince Charles - a faint regal dismay at discussing his life.It's not that he's rude, he's just so keen to end the experience.

When Jonathan first saw his eldest son on TV, his memorable remark was: 'You have a very singular walk.' Hugh laughs when I remind him. - but one I enjoyed.' It's odd, as normally in an interview you get a bit of momentum, a bit of fun and fizz, but with Hugh Dancy there is more the air of an Oxford tutorial with a don who would rather be writing a research paper.But then he admits he does tend to want to be wherever he is not.'I'm not "the grass is greener",' he explains, 'but if I'm doing one thing I'll always fantasise about doing the opposite.So if I'm in a play, I'll dream about doing a film. If I'm in London, I'll wish I could go to New York.

If I'm anywhere else in the world, I'll wish I was in London.' 'Has my younger life had any effect on my later life? 'I think definitely, no doubt, but not in a way that I particularly care to overanalyse.

But, yeah, obviously, the difference between staying at home till you're 18 and leaving at ten is substantial. Certainly I put down the fact that I'm doing what I do now, which is something I love and am very grateful for, pretty directly to the fact that I went away to school. If you want to spend many, many hours, and probably many thousands of pounds, you can go and sit on somebody's couch, but I'm not inclined.' I suppose, if you got emotionally closed up from being sent away young, it would be a reason. 'Yes, it's pretty obvious people can have a crap time and put up a lot of defences, or whatever it might be. And I think it's also true that unquestionably it impacted on me, but I'm not that interested in getting into it, and certainly not interested in getting into it in a magazine.' Still, he liked Oxford, though by then he had enough of 'serious institutions'. She's completely charming.' I tell him he's been described as a 'low-key sex symbol'.