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Title: Hermione’s Vow Author: Keira Marcos Beta: Ladyholder Series: Harry Potter & the Soulmate Bond Episode: 30 Fandom: Harry Potter Relationship: Harry/Hermione Word Count: 22,839 Warnings: Brief discussion of ritual sacrifice and cannibalism.Author’s Note: – – – – High Witch Emerta Réamonn didn’t like her and Hermione wasn’t sure why. “Don’t leave the room, dear.” “Thank you,” Hermione murmured and pushed back from the table.The woman had been polite but standoffish since their introduction and she could tell her mother wasn’t all that surprised by the reception. Hermione would’ve felt sorry for the girl and her obvious disinterest in the gathering if she hadn’t spent most of the evening glaring at her. She left without a backward glance towards the other coven leader but refrained from rushing as she walked towards Janelle.She turned slightly to see if there was an avenue of escape and her gaze collided with Janelle Delacour’s. The older girl gathered her up in a fierce hug the first chance she got. I think Emerta Réamonn hates me.” “Oh, she definitely hates you,” Janelle said with a laugh.The French witch sent her a little grin and beckoned her forward with a wave of fingers. She guided Hermione towards a grouping of pale blond witches and Hermione swallowed back a groan at the site of Fleur among them. Janelle speaks of you fondly.” She offered Hermione a smile.“I’ve rescued her, Mother.” The older witch, dressed in a flowing white gown, held out a pale hand. “Your wizard is a lucky man.” Hermione blushed as the woman released her hand.“I’ve been operating under the assumption that I’m the lucky one.” “Lucky in love,” Berdine said. The first time I met him, he already had soulmate magic drifting in his core. He was such a lovely boy—so polite if a bit reserved.

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“We don’t return to Hogwarts until January 6, I’ll be in our townhouse in Hogsmeade most of that time as Harry has some conclave obligations over the break.” She stepped back and Fleur released her.The older woman looked a combination of anxious and relieved all at once. ” Hermione shared a surprised look with Fleur who was biting on her lip. Though it certainly isn’t a career choice for him, he’s an excellent teacher and very patient.“Congratulations on your engagement.” “William is a professor of yours, true? Harry knows him through the bank and they were together last night actually.Harry led the ritual claiming of Bill’s title, a barony within the Black family.

I spoke with him briefly this morning and he said that the ritual went very well and that Bill handled the settling of the title with no problems.” “That was kind of Lord Potter to do,” Diandre said stiffly and she looked around the room, clearly disgruntled. “Harry finds value in integrity and honor—both of which Bill has in abundance.” She turned to Janelle, dismissing the older woman before she could make a retort. We’ve never even met.” “She tried to align her coven with the Glain Neidr through a marriage with her daughter Birgit.

Lord Black refused the marriage contract offer on behalf of his son with prejudice,” Berdine explained.

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