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They strive to practice what they preach, holding fast to their commitments and convictions. They are admired for their work ethic, perseverance, devotion, and steadfastness. In my experience, they are far outnumbered by the ESFP type, at least in the U. ESFJs are warm, engaging, caring, loyal, dutiful, and hardworking. I have found ESFJs to be less common than demographic data sometimes suggests, especially among Caucasian females.As predominant Judgers, they take their work, family, and social roles rather seriously.Like the ENFJ, ESFJs have strong interpersonal skills, capable of quickly establishing rapport with others.

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While appearing outwardly confident and assertive, on the whole, ESFJs are no more inwardly sure of themselves than other types.Indeed, because their inner Judging function, Introverted Thinking (Ti), is inferior, ESFJs may feel they have relatively little inner control.Finding inner control elusive, they naturally turn their focus outwardly, hoping that achieving outer control will somehow bring them inner calm and security.Their primary means of achieving outer control is through Extraverted Feeling (Fe), which serves as their dominant function.

By way of their Fe, ESFJs can befriend, persuade, and direct others.

In so doing, ESFJs can reap the benefit of social support, as well as a sense of control and influence in the world of people.

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