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Jake (by everyone)New Guy (by Jenna)Jakey Boy (by Alli to Clare) Little Tree Hugger (by Glen) Obsessive Tree Hugger (by Luke)Garden Boy (By Dallas)Jakey (by Clare)Lumberjack (by Eli)Pal (By Glen)Bud (By Glen) Jacob "Jake" Martin is a graduate of Degrassi Community School's Class of 2013. After his mom died, he and his dad renovated their lake cabin in her honor.

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During dinner, Clare suggests that she and Jake go to Above the Dot, so that she could introduce him to all of her friends, as he is a new student at Degrassi. He has a conversation with Adam and Eli, while Clare stares at them.When Clare begins to have a scene, he tries to calm her down, but then takes her outside.He yells at Clare when they walk back to her house, telling her that she needs the closure, not Eli, and to move on.Jake kisses her, and the next day, Clare tells Alli that he is a good kisser.

In Cry Me A River (1), Jake is seen setting up an Orienteering booth at the Clubs Fair when Alli says that Clare should join (referring to the Jake and Clare kiss in Love Game).

Clare then exclaims that she is not interested and that she and Jake were a one time thing.