Length of dating and success of marriage

In general for the five-year divorce prediction rates, those with less than 3 percent are at lower risk, 3 - 7 percent are of average risk and more than 7 percent are at higher risk. We used historical data for similar people to predict your future risk of divorce. When answering the calculator questions on education and children, please put in the information as it is today (for example, if you were in college when you got married, but later graduated, select "college graduate and higher").The information used to create the calculator came from historical data based on information given by real people and collected as part of the U. The calculator works by comparing people of backgrounds to you.You and your spouse have different percentages because you come from different backgrounds.The best way to determine your risk as a couple is to average the two percentages. The information in the calculator is for first marriages only. Just use zero for the number of years married, and you'll get an answer for the estimated five year divorce rate for people with similar backgrounds.Marriage remains one of the most important social institutions in Canada, but overall the marriage rate is declining and the traditional portrait of a family is being transformed.In 2016, 65.8 per cent of Canadian families were headed by married couples — down from 70.5 per cent in 2001, according to Statistics Canada.In 2011, for the first time in Canadian history, there were also more single-person households than couple households with children, a trend that was again reflected in the 2016 census.Over the last century, marriage rates have fluctuated and often corresponded with historical events.

Today, the trend for an aging population continues, and there are more couples without children.

Also, couples are less likely to marry early and have children.

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