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The earth TV live streaming camera in Dubai is located on top of the Hotel Mina A'Salam, situated on Jumeirah Beach with excellent views of the Gulf and the Burj Arab, the monumental sail-shaped resort which represents superlatives in luxury in the modern Middle East.Furthermore, the earth TV video streaming live camera shows the new biggest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa (828m - 2,717 ft).The Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airports on the globe.By international passenger traffic it ranks as the top busiest airport.It is the third busiest by passenger traffic and after that it is the sixth busiest cargo airport.The airport is a couple of nautical miles east of Dubai itself and occupies 7,200 acres or 2,900 hectares.

Directly the airport provides jobs to around 90,000 individuals, but aside from that it indirectly helps to support more than 400,000 jobs.Currently the airport contributes more than 26.7 billion US dollars but it is thought that the airport’s influence will only grow in the coming years as it reaps more jobs and creates more wealth.The conception of the Dubai International Airport began July 1937.It started through Imperial Airways who needed to have a flying boat base.

The space was rented for approximately 440 Rupees a month.

A year later the business had grown to four flying boats a week.