Managing accommodating responsive behaviors dementia care

I have been the development director at Organization A for a year.I have a terrible, manipulative boss (our executive director) and the entire culture of the agency is founded on backstabbing and mediocrity.I’m doing my best to get out as quickly as possible.Recently, my mentor, who is an extremely successful development director for Organization B, told me that she is likely to be promoted to executive director, and encouraged me to apply for their development director job when it is posted.My boss knows my mentor and knows that she may be promoted (it’s a small community).My fear is that if and when that happens, my boss will see the posting for the at Organization B and ask me point-blank if I’m applying.

How do you suggest people navigate situations like this?You say no, because it’s an unreasonable question to ask you.If you end up getting the job, you tell her that you weren’t actively looking when she asked.If you prefer, you can say something like, “I’m pretty happy where I am, but if I’m ever thinking seriously about leaving, I’ll let you know.” (With a boss like this, “thinking seriously about leaving” can mean “when I have an offer.”) People who demand information that’s none of their business aren’t entitled to candid answers, especially when you know they’ll handle the truth badly.