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Temperatures often drop to -10C even in Stockholm in winter (and that's in the southern half of Sweden), so unless you're from the Arctic or somewhere else that does snow really well, it can feel a little baffling when people living elsewhere in the world comment on the need to wrap up warm when it's just 5C.High alcohol prices and an individualistic culture mean that a night out on the town can end up very pricey if you decide to shout all your friends to a drink in Sweden.You'll likely pay up to 75 kronor for a beer, and definitely shouldn't expect one back.

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The idea that someone -- usually a woman -- might be forced to quit her career to look after her children can be a bemusing one if you've been living in Sweden.Swedish residents -- including immigrants -- get 480 days of shared parental leave followed by heavily subsidised day care, all nestled into a culture of flexible working.Although the Scandinavian country isn't completely equal, it is streets ahead of the rest of the world.You'll hear far more conversations about expensive childcare, rigid working hours and gender salary gaps in other European nations than in Sweden.

Most Swedes make exercise a regular part of their weekly routine and while obesity levels are rising, they remain among the lowest in Europe.

Keeping fit is viewed as good for the body and the soul and is something, well, completely normal.