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viss par sievietēm tuvām un interesantām tēmām - ģimene un bērni, aukles un bērnudārza meklēšana, auklītes, mājsaimnieces un darba devēju sludinājumi, kā arī attiecības, mīlestība, mode, skaistumus, diētas, interesantas receptes, ēšanas un gatavošanas padomi, aforismi, apsveikumi, horoskopi, anekdotes.Australia is kicking goals on the international stage taking down award after award at some of the world’s most prestigious competitions.Junkee reported in August there still had not been an Australian song hit number 1 in Australia in 2017.

The ABC's triple j has a self-imposed quota of 40 per cent.There are no easy answers, but some suggest the streaming giants have a role to play.Streaming, quickly becoming the most common way people consume music, is now what most informs the make-up of the ARIA singles charts, since digital download numbers are declining and physical CD singles no longer exist."As the streaming market has become a global, not a local, market, in our view Australian artists may be disadvantaged as they may not be as well-known internationally," Maria Amato, CEO of the Australian Independent Record Labels Association, said.Not appearing in the charts has flow-on effects, because the big radio stations play the hits."Some in the industry say the popularity of playlists on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play is an issue.