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It started in September 14th, 2016 and ended in January 21st, 2017, with 51 chapters.After Lincoln brings a prototype virtual reality helmet home, the sisters end up playing a dating sim based on their family.If thats not weird enough, the helmets seem to cause behavioral changes in the sisters, causing problems for everyone to deal with And from there on, things get crazy. Note: Because of the large amount of tropes, and the size of this fic, be careful and avoid spoilers.Surprisingly enough though, there isnt an incest harem involved, despite what other fics tend to entail. [Free] has made itself right at home on the free apps chart, it's quite possible you're one of the millions of mobile gamers who has already dipped your toes into Maxis and EA's latest take on simulated life.You've tested out a career, attended a party or two and gussied up your clothes and house, probably more than once.Yet you may not have been able to avoid a very simple question: Is there something more?

But when it comes to the more lasting ties, the ones that hopefully form through romance, marriage and even bearing children, that takes a little more work on your part.Let's start with the easiest part, which is how to get your Sim into a relationship in the first place, which thankfully is much easier and way less fraught with text and social media-inspired peril than it is IRL. When you first encounter any other Sim you've not already met, you'll have a choice of three potential introductions: Friendly, Flirty and Confrontational.This initial choice controls which of the relationship storylines are immediately available to you, and unlike real world introductions, they always succeed. While the Friendly and Confrontational greetings are ones you'll definitely want to test out for the stories they unlock, for our purposes, Flirty is the one you'll be most interested in.Choosing this option immediately opens up the 'First Date at the Cafe' event, which is the start of where all the magic happens.

Before anyone asks, yes, the game allows you to make Flirty intros and have romantic relationships with Sims of either gender.

Your introduction doesn't limit you in any permanent way, either.

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