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After graduating, moving, and settling into a new life, I realized something: I’ve been single for a long time, and I’m tired of it. As I enter my 24th year, I also enter into real adulthood in a new city.My usual hangouts (bars, spin studios, coffee shops, and my female-dominated workplace) have not been proving fruitful when it comes to meeting nice guys, so, about a month ago, I decided it was about time for a change of pace.Because of all this, I was led to embark upon one of the weirdest, funniest, and most rewarding adventures of my life: I joined five different dating apps at once.I’ve never been into online dating, so signing up for any app was daunting.

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I tested their standards of profiles (yikes – see more below), their processes, and their successes and failures. Once these decisions were made and my profiles were created, it became official: There was no turning back.I did all this for one main reason: to make this process easier for all those of Here, you’ll find a breakdown of my experiences; the good, the bad and the creepy. Price: Free (optional in-app upgrades available for purchase) I had seriously high hopes for Tinder.I have a friend who met her fiancé on Tinder, and another friend just dated a Tinderella for over a year. That being said, however, I went in with an open mind but a heavy sense of skepticism.I’ve heard the success stories, but I’ve also heard the horror stories – as, I’m sure, have you.

Thankfully, though, Tinder is super easy to get the hang of.

You connect to your Facebook to make a profile, so the photos are pretty much selected for you.

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