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Cybertown (CT) (formerly Colony City) was a free (changed to pay per year in 2002), family friendly, online community.There were places (chat rooms) available either through a 2D or 3D chat environment.Users were able to have jobs within the community, earning virtual money called CC's (City Cash) that could be used to buy 3D homes and items.Each user was allowed a free 2D home and could locate it within any of a number of colonies subdivided into neighborhoods and blocks. As of September 2011 the site's membership base declined.

Colony City made use of the VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language), a standard for displaying 3D content, including virtual worlds and avatars, on the Web.These VRML files became shared virtual worlds using Blaxxun's award-winning multi-user server technology, enabling people from all over the world to meet and interact in rich-media environments in real-time on the Web.Colony City Society Elements: Before the merge of Colony City and Cybertown, Colony City had a massive unemployment problem which neared 90% of users unemployed, making the main purpose people came to Colony City was to interact with the other users.Those that were employed were most likely part of the development team or were the first people to arrive.

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