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TABLE OF CONTENTS Inside ZCPR3 Xerox in Black And White New PIO For The Big Board Faster Screen Output With Turbo Cleaning Up Your Screen - Video Adjustments d BASE To Bibliofile In Small C Two Megabytes And More On The DSI-32 SOG IV The Future Of Computing MS-DOS In The Public Domain Selecting A Drive Within CP/M Graphics In Turbo Pascal (For Any System) 4 27 29 31 45 48 51 52 56 63 73 80 Regular Features The S-100 Bus 12 In The Public Domain 15 C'ing Clearly 19 The Xerox 820 Column 23 86 World 33 The Kaypro Column 37 FORTHwords 67 Pascal Procedures 75 On Your Own 84 Technical Tips Culture Corner Crossword No. Called "Big Board II", it has the following features: ■ 4 MHz Z80-A CPU and Peripheral Chips The new Ferguson computer runs at 4 MHz. $545 ASSEMBLED & TESTED Jim Ferguson, the designer of the "Big Board" distributed by Digital Research Computers, has produced a stunning new computer that Cal-Tex Computers has been shipping for a year. 97 Future Tense Tidbits 98 Express - Text Editor 100 The Last Page 104 NEW LOWER PRICES! "BIG BOARD II" 4 MHz Z80-A SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER WITH "SASI" HARD-DISK INTERFACE NEW LOWER PRICES!Its Monitor code is lean, uses Mode 2 interrupts, and makes good use of the Z80-A DMA chip.■ 64K Dynamic RAM 4K Static CRT RAM 24K E(E)PROM or Static RAM "Big Board II" has three memory banks.The first memory bank has eight 4 164 DRAMs that provide 60K of user space and 4K of monitor space.The second memory bank has two 2Kx8 SRAMs for the memory-mapped CRT display and space for six 2732As, 2Kx8 static RAMs, or pin-compatible EEPROMS.

■ Multiple-Density Controller for SS/DS Floppy Disks The new Cal-Tex single-board computer has a multiple-density disk controller.It can use 1793 or 8877 controller chips since it generates the side signal with TTL parts.The board has two connectors for disk signals, one with 34 pins for 5.25" drives, the other with 50 pins for 8" drives.■ Vastly Improved CRT Display The new Ferguson SBC uses a 6845 CRT controller and SMC 8002 video attributes controller to produce a display rivaling the display of quality terminals.

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