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C was mostly incorporated into the seawater from the atmosphere.If the oceans that the plankton live in are stratified (meaning that there are layers of warm water near the top, and colder water deeper down), then the surface water does not mix very much with the deeper waters, so that when the plankton dies, it sinks and takes away Grasses in temperate climates (barley, rice, wheat, rye and oats, plus sunflower, potato, tomatoes, peanuts, cotton, sugar beet, and most trees and their nuts/fruits, roses and Kentucky bluegrass) follow a C3 photosynthetic pathway that will yield δ In contrast, C4 feeders will have bone collagen with a value of −7.5‰ and hydroxylapatite value of −0.5‰.In actual case studies, millet and maize eaters can easily be distinguished from rice and wheat eaters.Studying how these dietary preferences are distributed geographically through time can illuminate migration paths of people and dispersal paths of different agricultural crops.However, human groups have often mixed C3 and C4 plants (northern Chinese historically subsisted on wheat and millet), or mixed plant and animal groups together (for example, southeastern Chinese subsisting on rice and fish).Nature of Science Standard 10: Students shall demonstrate an understanding that science is a way of knowing.Standard 11: Students shall design and safely conduct scientific inquiry.

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B.1 Explain why science is limited to natural explanations of how the world works NS.10.B.2 Compare and contrast hypotheses, theories, and laws NS.10.B.3 Distinguish between a scientific theory and the term “theory” used in general conversation NS.10.B.4 Summarize the guidelines of science: explanations are based on observations, evidence, and testing hypotheses must be testable understandings and/or conclusions may change with additional empirical data NS.11.

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    William Deering Professor and Institute for Policy Research Associate. Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Room F498, 2145 Sheridan Road Northwestern.…
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    A primer on radioactive decay; Carbon-14 dating; Radioisotope dating. Starting on thenext slide are the five kinds of radioactive decay. Radiocarbon dating is good…
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    This instability makes it radioactive. Ar Powerpoint presentation on carbon dating andDiagram Slides for CARBON 14 dating PowerPoint Presentation, PPT…